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My name is Maria Vladimirova and I am the proud founder and owner of K-9.LV. I am a dog trainer and handler. Currently I work with my two GSDs (trailing) and a dutch/mali mix (air-scent).  

My K9 gear project started three years ago when I sewed the first tracking harness for my young dog Ganna, who was then too small to fit the harness I had at hand. It was a very primitive but a very convenient harness and later I had sewed a similar but more sophisticated version of the harness for my second trailing dog Togga. My friends, fellow K9 handlers were impressed by the design and in the coming months I had sewed a harness for my friend's dog, then for another friend's dog, then for a friend of my friend's dog. Following the success of these harnesses, I decided to offer my ideas to the world. That's how this business venture was born.


We are still a very small company with only 4 full-time employees and we probably will never even come close to any position among market leaders in the K9 gear business. And that is not our goal. For me, the quality is more important. All our products are hand-made from the best materials, they are designed for tough use in real missions and made with love, respect, and understanding of working dogs.

This Spring we are introducing our new women’s outdoor clothing brand SHE-WOLF.  

For years, I have mostly been wearing tactical clothing designed for a tough environment and specifically made to withstand the kind of stress that our job entails. As a big fan of practicality and comfort, I spent a lot of time looking for clothes that fit me just right, until I realised that most of the tactical clothing was designed and made almost exclusively for men.  And that's when I knew what needed to be done.

SHE-WOLF. Tactical clothing made to fit the female shape. Hugs you in all the right ways, letting you focus on your mission with ultimate comfort.

Best regards,


Maria and The Pack

Our current mission-ready trailing and air-scent K9s


Our lazy pets 


Our pack 


Gone but never forgotten


DISCLAIMER. All our products are manufactured in the environment saturated by dogs and can (and will) contain dog skin and coat particles in lesser or grater degree. Please do not buy our products if you have dog allergy :) 

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