Martingale K9 Collar



Our martingale collar provides a perfect control over the dog. As long as the collar properly fits, it will tighten just to the size of the dog’s neck, preventing a dog from backing out of his collar without choking him. Martingale collars are sometimes called “greyhound collars” because they are often used for dogs whose heads are more narrow than their necks. 


Designed by K9 handler with love and respect for all kind of working dogs. Hand-made in Europe from the highest quality materials to ensure the best durability and fit.


Constructed from military grade webbing with an additional layer of breathable 3d mesh padding for a better distribution of pressure around the K9’s neck for injury-free control.


Engineered with extreme durability in mind and is ready to last through years of wear and tear.




  • COLLAR The collar is made of military grade heavy duty webbing. 

  • PADDING 100% polyester breathable 3d mesh fabric. This modern material is durable and provides comfort and air circulation to the skin.

  • D-RINGS Heavy-weight steel rings welded for increased strength.

  • SEWING THREADS  Nylbond sewing thread made from nylon 6.6. The threads were engineered for use in load-bearing details and have excellent breaking strength and abrasion resistance.

  • STITCHING  Our clients often call our stitching "paranoid" - we really care about your dog safety.



Martingale K9 Collar

Reflective tape
  • To make sure your martingale collar fits properly please measure your dog's neck girth as if it is your usual collar - not too tight, not too loose.