Military Style K9 Collar with Standard Buckle

Designed by K9 handler with love and respect for all kind of working dogs. Hand-made in Europe from the highest quality materials to ensure the best durability and fit.


Constructed from military grade nylon webbing with an additional layer of breathable 3d mesh padding for a better distribution of pressure around the K9’s neck for injury-free comfort during long working or training days.


Engineered with extreme durability in mind and is ready to last through years of wear and tear.


Optional handle gives you more control over your dog during intensive training or high-energy situations. Handle size allows to fit an adult man hand for a firm and secure grip.


We strongly recommend that you do not use this collar for agitation and bite work. Instead, check out our Military Style K9 Collar with GT Cobra® Buckle.




  • COLLAR The collar is made of military grade heavy duty 100% polyamide (nylon) webbing sewn in two layers to double the strength. It is adjustable to insure a proper fit on your dog.

  • PADDING 100% polyester breathable 3d mesh fabric. This modern material is durable and provides comfort and air circulation to the skin.

  • HOOK AND LOOP FASTENERS  We are using highest-quality 100% polyamide hook and loop fasteners. The fasteners have been manufactured to ensure maximum reliability for frequent opening and closing and excellent closure and horizontal strength.

  • HARDWARE  For extra security we are using fasteners designed and produced for military and high-risk outdoor applications. These products have been created to enhance survivability in the fierce and harsh environments.

  • D-RING  The leash attachment is a heavy-weight steel ring welded for increased strength.

  • SEWING THREADS  Nylbond sewing thread made from nylon 6.6. The threads were engineered for use in load-bearing details and have excellent breaking strength and abrasion resistance.

  • STITCHING  Our clients often call our stitching "paranoid" - we really care about your dog safety.



Military Style K9 Collar with Standard Buckle

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  • SMALL - neck circumference 13” - 19.3” (33 - 49 cm), width 1” (2.5 cm).


    MEDIUM - neck circumference 18.5” - 21.2” (47 - 54 cm), width 1 1/2” (4 cm).


    LARGE - neck circumference 20.5” - 24.8” (52 - 63 cm), width 1 1/2” (4 cm).


    X-LARGE - neck circumference 23.6"- 29.5" (60 - 75 cm), width 2” (5 cm).