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The Tao Of Trailing / RU

Jeff Schettler "The Tao Of Trailing" 


Language: Russian

Publisher: K-9.LV 
Translation: Maria Vladimirova


ISBN 9934191046

© 2015, 2017 Jeff Schettler 

Printed in Latvia

The Tao Of Trailing / RU

35,70 €Cena
Izņemot Nodoklis
  • Jeff Schettler is a retired Police K9 handler. He has worked for the Alameda Police Department, Amador County Sheriff’s Department, and was attached to the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team’s, providing assistance in location and apprehension of high-risk fugitives on the run. 

    Jeff has worked hundreds of trailing cases across the USA and is a specialist in the areas of tactical tracking applications. Schettler is a certified military trainer graduating from the prestigious US Army’s Leadership Academy also known as Drill Sergeant School.

    Jeff is an analyst and advisor for various K9 programs throughout the United States. Jeff coordinates approximately 10 K9 training courses per year in various parts of the US and abroad.

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